30 Days of Workout Wear: Day 9 Shortie Shorts Ride Up Remedy

April 15, 2014

I never thought I'd be buying shortie shorts and feeling good about it. But here I am with about six pairs of (let's for the sake of things call them) "yoga" shorts in my workout wear wardrobe. Since I bought them all at once I tried to save money and found them uber cheap on eBay. Of course, as you might expect they weren't of the highest quality.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has suffered from the unbearable problem of spandex ride up. Yeah, I was the one constantly pulling at my thighs after a song, exposing 2-3 more inches of thigh that I would have rather kept hidden. If you know what I'm talking about you might want to use this simple technique to remedy that FOREVER! Seems to good too be true I know. But I did high knees, squats and kicks with no ride up to be seen.
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Step 1: Measure the inseam of your shorts from one leg to the other. Remember to stretch the shorts so they are the leg length you want them to be.

Step 2: Cut a piece of STIFFENED felt that length and four inches wide. It must be stiffened felt, like the kind bought at Michaels. Maybe that's a deal breaker for you. I tried regular felt with another pair of shorts and the test failed miserably! Maybe yours would work but mine didn't. It kind of feels like you have a pad down there;-P BUT, many times I don't wear underwear with these kinds of shorts because the panty lines are ridiculous so adding this was actually a kind of nice thing.

Step 3: Fold it in half lengthwise

Step 4: Pin the shorts to the inseam. I've found that it works best if you pin it in front of the crotch seam rather than centered or behind. But go ahead and experiment to see what works best for you. See next photo for a better example of what I'm describing.

Step 5: Sew to the hem of the shorts. See how the short's crotch seam is above my felt. 

Step 6: Trim edges of felt into curves so they are not pointy.

30 Days of DIY Workout Wear: Day 8 Sexy Side Fringe

April 9, 2014

Welcome to day 8 of 30 Days of DIY Workout Wear!! Today I made this cute fringe tee which shows off your sides.
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It's made with fringe trim (like for sofas!).
I got the idea from this Trash to Couture tutorial! Check it out!
Get the tutorial below:
Take your thrift store tee.
 Cut off the sleeves.
 Cut off the sides. Then turn inside out.
 Sew your fringe trim with the unsewn edge of the fringe to the wrong side of the side of your tee. From the front hem, over the shoulder and to the other back hem.
 Turn right side out and sew the sewn edge of your fringe trim together about 1' up from the hem.

30 Days of Workout Wear: Day 7 Halter Hoodie

April 4, 2014

Welcome to Day 7 of 30 Days of Workout Wear!! Today I made this cute Zumba halter hoodie with an old thrift store long sleeved hoodie tee.

I made the front using my Silhouette machine. If you have a Silhouette machine and like the artwork you can download the Silhouette file I made here.
I saw this neat Warm Up Halter From Kiava. And figured it would be fairly easy to DIY using a hoodie tee.
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Day 6

Take a hoodie tee. It can either be long or short sleeved. Just make sure the knit is thin. Don't use a sweatshirt.
Cut a scoop in the neck. If there is ribbing along the edges like this tee, cut it off.
Cut off the sleeves at the seams.
Then cut the back out to make the tee a halter. Use the white dotted lines as a reference.
Twist the hood twice. If your edges seem kind of raw you can also use Fold Over Elastic to finish it off. In fact if you used a contrasting FOE it might make the edges really POP.
Add artwork to the front. If you like the artwork I used and have a Silhouette machine you can download the file I made here. Voila! Done!

30 Days of DIY Workout Wear: Day 6

April 3, 2014

For this top I took a scoop neck shirt and flipped it around to show off the contrasting sports bra. I also cut it as a crop top and wore a tight camisole underneath. I like how this flatters your bottom half by making the top loose.

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The front of the top says "SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP". I thought it was cute. If you like it too and have a Silhouette machine you can download the artwork get the Silhouette file here to make it yourself. I made it to fit an 8.5" x 11" piece of heat transfer material.

Take large thrift store shirt with a scoop neck. Turn inside out.
 Make a line from an inch up from the armhole to the armpit.
 Continue the line so that it continues down the side seam.
 Cut and sew.
 Draw a line from the middle back to the side seam.
 Fold the back of the shirt in half (not the front). Cut. This will be your new front.
 Draw a line on the other side slightly less sloping.
 Fold the front of the shirt in half (not the back). Cut. This will be your new back.
If you want, add the artwork to the front. If you own a Silhouette machine you can download the file I made for this top here.

30 Days of DIY Wear: Day 5

April 2, 2014

Beth described this as her "favorite so far" today at Zumba and I have to agree. I really liked the way it turned out. It secretly shows off the contrasting sports bra underneath while also accentuating the curves of my torso.
There's no sewing involved in this top so anyone can do it! I added the front art with my Silhouette Machine. It says "LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOU'RE DANCING". I've been making all the art for the front of my shirts with my Silhouette! I think it really makes the tops look "finished". Most people won't even know you made them yourself!! I also made a Silhouette file for the lettering to go with this tutorial if you want to make it for yourself. Download the file here.
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Take a fitted thrift store tee.
 Cut off the neck hole just under the band.
 Turn inside out. Using a light marker or disappearing ink marker make lines down the front of your shirt like so.
 Cut out the lines.
 Stretch out the lines.
 Now, here's the tricky part. It's actually pretty easy but difficult to explain. Take the second strip and lift it over the first.
 Tuck the first strip under the second.
 Take the third strip and lift it over the bottom of the above loop.
 Tuck the third strip under the loop and pull it through. Continue to do that for all the strips until you get to the end.
 Cut the last stripe in half.
 Tie it into the loops above it. Alternatively you could sew it to the loops above. Repeat the cuts for the other side of the top if you like. Another cute idea might be to do the same for the shoulders.
And also repeat for the back. Instead of doing a wavy line I made it in the shape of a V.
 Continue as you did in the front.

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